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We know that buying and selling homes involves numerous steps that can be a headache for homeowners and home buyers. Thinking about this, in addition to our real estate services, we have been bringing together a large group of professionals to jointly help us in the process of both buying and selling a home:

Home valuation:

Our team of appraisers are prepared to value the home that is going to be offered in the market with the aim of obtaining the highest profit on the sale. This service is totally free together with the visit to the property. Assessment that is also carried out without any commitment to subsequent hiring.

Preparation and registration of the Energy Efficiency Certificate:

It is necessary to have this certificate to be able to transfer the property. It is prepared by a qualified technician and is registered with the Junta de Andalucia, offering the buyer relevant information on the degree of efficiency in terms of energy consumption that our home has. We offer this service free of charge, so that its cost will only be passed on to the seller if they do not sell with us and wish to use it on their own.

Financing / mortgages:

Our loans and mortgages department will help you finance the purchase of your home in different Spanish banks, showing you the comparison of conditions and interest rates.

Legal and tax advice. Our attorneys.

Are you a non-resident and need to have a NIE number or open a bank account in Spain? Our lawyers will help you with all these procedures, also offering you all the necessary information about the purchase and sale as well as all the taxes involved with it. Our lawyers will accompany you throughout the purchase or sale process until the operation is fully completed, making the change of supplies and paying the corresponding taxes on the purchase and canceling the payments, pre-existing mortgages and making payment of the taxes that are inherent to the transfer in the sale.


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