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I am Erik Berg Madsen, director of SOLPROPERTYMy goal is to make selling your home a pleasure and a joy and not a cumbersome and complicated task. Avoid asking yourself the classic questions: Do I want my house to have a price? Well my real buyers ad? Can my house suffer it in the Real Estate Market?

You do not need to ask yourself this or any other question, as we will work with my team of professionals step by step until you reach this goal. First of all, we will forecast a professional valuation of the house, we will look for the price from a realistic perspective, that is, neither more nor less than what it is worth. Too high a price can frustrate your sales expectations, too low a price will result in a loss of profit. That's why proper pricing is the cornerstone that will affect sales success.

When we visit the property and correctly set the price, we review and organize the legal aspects and update the necessary documentation so that everything is ready when the buyer arrives.

And it is at this point that we would be ready to show the qualities of this house and highlight the special corners to capture the attention of who will be the future exer. We do it with wide-angle photography, 360-degree virtual reality and video, tools that, in addition to attracting future clients, will help us choose those who are really interested.

SOLPROPERTY is present on all real estate portals as well as on social networks and of course in Solkysten magazine. The recent seriousness and a professional support maintained in just the end of the 44 years of living in Spain. This prestige gives us access to many households and many different population groups.

I saw clients organize visits, then I gave them all the commercial and legal aspects of the transaction until the efficient sale and delivery of the keys to the new exer.

The only thing you will have to do as an owner is think about where you are going to spend your money!

Erik Berg Madsen, director


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